Tawfeeq Kadheem Faleh Al-Hamdi is a PhD student, RA, and TA at Washington State University.

  • Feb. 2020-Present

Faculty member at the Materials Engineering Department – College of Engineering/ Mustansiriya University, Baghdad-Iraq.

Published Research and Activities

1. Tawfeeq Kadheem Faleh Al-Hamdi “Computation Thermodynamic Properties of Superheated Water Far from Critical Region”, Journal of Engineering and Development, Vol. 15, 2011. 2. Emad Talib Hashim, Tawfeeq Kadheem Faleh Al-Hamdi, Hayder Abdulkadhim Jassim “A Predictive Equation of State for Selected Saturated Gases”, Journal of Engineering and Development, Vol. 16, No.1, March 2012.

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